1. What is a Botteca?
A Botteca is a totem in which local products are shown. It is both physical and virtual: each Botteca is localized in a real place and at the same time it s geolocalized on an Internet map.

2. What is its function?
The Bottecas network brings producers, Ho.Re.Ca and consumers together.
Producers can trust the Botteca brand for improving their visibility and reaching clients across the world.
Ho.Re.Ca can count on the design of an innovative product, and on the impact of a showcase open on the world.
Consumers can find their favourite products and discover new ones. And they can meet people with the same interests.

3. How does it work?
Local product manufacturers and hospitality professionals place one Botteca in a strategic zone.
In the physical Botteca the products are shown and sold.
At the same time the Botteca is geolocalized and it becomes a node in a vast virtual network

It is possible to buy products either online or physically: each Botteca can be reached with a simple click.
Around Bottecas a network develops. Consumers use it to exchange information and find products. Manufacturers use it to follow in real-time the beginning of new trends and the shifts in their clients’ tastes.

Drag the Botteca to rotate by 360°:

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